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The Domestic Violence Prevention Centre Gold Coast Inc. works from a feminist perspective and framework. We uphold the belief that structural inequalities in society greatly disadvantage women and children and result in power differentials and violence in interpersonal relationships.  This framework and practice ensures that all clients of the Centre are treated with respect, dignity and equity.  The work we do is guided by the following beliefs:
  • Domestic violence is neither justifiable nor acceptable.
  • The structural and cultural values of this society give power to men;  therefore women are most likely to be the victims of domestic violence.
  • Perpetrators of domestic violence must take responsibility for their actions.
  • Domestic Violence is not a private matter, it is a community concern.
  • The safety of women and children is a vital consideration and should be of primary consideration at all times.


The Domestic Violence Prevention Centre Gold Coast Inc. believes that the social and economic structure of society result in unequal power in the relationships between men and women. We seek at all times to address issues of empowerment, equality and safety and we uphold the principle that no person ever deserves to be treated in a violent or abusive way. This Service will work towards dispelling the social and cultural myths surrounding domestic violence and commits itself to work towards the elevation of women in society.

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